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List of Accepted Items

Food Related Items


1. Any Kroger Brand Product Packaging

2. Barilla Pasta Packaging

3. Bimbo Bakery Packaging

4. Buzz Balls Drink Packaging

5.Cafe Llave Coffee Pods and Packaging

6. Candy Wrappers(any brand)

7. Cerebelly Drink Pouches

8. Don Franciso’s Coffee Pods & Bags

9. Dunkin Donuts Brand Coffee Bags

10. Entenmann’s Little Bites Bags

11. Evolve Drink Packaging

12. Gatorade Drink Packaging

13. Gerber Baby Food Packaging

14. GO GO SqueeZ Packs

15. Honest Drink Pouches

16. Late July Snack Packaging

17. Lundberg Family Farms Packaging

18. Muscle Milk Packaging

19. Off the Eaten Path Compostable Snack Bags

20. Performance Nutrition Packets and Pouches(also accepts any brand of nutrition packets and pouches

21. Poweraid Freezer Bar Packaging

22. Propel Drink Packaging

23. Taco Bell Sauce Packets

24. Takis Snack Packaging

25. Vitamin Water Miniest Packs


Pet Related Items


26. Any Kroger Brand Product Packaging

27. Cat Carriers- must be in good enough condition to donate

28. Dog Leashes(Temporary-collecting for Adoption Event)

29. Eukanuba Pet Food Packaging

30. Halo Pet Packaging

31. Holistic Select Pet Food

32. Royal Canin Food Packaging

33. Wellness Pet Food, Wellness Health, Wellness Core


Health & Beauty Related Materials


34. Amika Plastic & Aerosol Containers

35. Arm & Hammer Oral Care Packaging

36. Aservo Equilihaler and Packaging

37. Aussie Hair Care Packaging

38. Bliss Skin Care and Body Care Packaging

39. Burt Bees Containers and Packaging

40. Biotrue Eye Care Packaging

41. Colgate Wisps Mini Brushes and Packaging

42. Cortizone Containers and Packaging

43. Contact Lens Cases and Packaging

44. Dentures

45. Diva Cups, Diva Disc, and Diva Wipes Packaging

46. Eos Products

47. Eva Nyc Hair Tools-Includes all Electric Hair Tools(Curling Irons, Blow Dryers, Hair Curlers/Rollers with Plug, and Hair Straighteners)

49. Eye Drop Containers(any brand)

50. Floss Containers, Floss Picks, and their Packaging

51. Garnier Skincare and Haircare Packaging

52. Gold Bond Aerosol & NonAerosol Containers

53. Good Chemistry Perfume Packaging and Bottles

54. Head & Shoulders Containers

55. Herbal Essence Packaging

56. Kroger Brand Products

57. Living Proof Aerosol Containers

58. Monat Hair Care Packaging

59. Murad Beauty Products Packaging

60. Nail Files (Metal, Cardboard, or Glass are accepted)

61. Oral Care Products ( Toothbrushes, Toothpaste Containers & Packaging)

62. Pantene Hair Care Containers

63. Prescription Pill Bottles (Must be Empty)

64. Retainers for Teeth Straightening.

65. Saks and All Beauty Supply Packaging

66. Schwarzkopf Packaging

67. Selsun Blue Packaging

68. Shaving Razors-Any Brand of Blades, Razors, and Plastic Packaging

69. Supplement Blister Packaging

70. Supergoop Packaging

71. Tom’s of Maine Packaging

72. Wen by Chaz Dean Packaging


Clothing & Toy Related Materials Accepted for Recycling


73. Clothing(Children & Adults any condition) We have specific programs for Jeans, Socks, only Childrens, Bras, Underwear, and General Clothing.

74. Shoes(Any Condition) This means any style, even singles are accepted.

75. Wet Suits(Any Condition)

76. Gerber and Carter’s Baby Hangers(Baby Clothing Hangers only-No Adult Hangers)

77. Towels( Must be clean, but can have stains and holes) This is a temporary item, we are collecting for our May event.






78. Art & Craft Supplies( can be used but need to still have some life to them. For example we accept craft paint but it can’t be dried up-that can’t be used)  Crayons can be in any condition, they can be small and broken.


79. Craft Paint(the little bottles)

80. Games and Puzzles(can be complete or missing pieces)

81. Funsicle Inflatables Pool Floats

82. Toys in general- Can be broken, stained, missing pieces. We can’t take large yard toys, toys must be clean of food and smells

83. V-Tech, LeapFrog and any electronic toys.


Cleaning Products & Related Materials


84. Any Cleaning Products within 4 years. Nothing Older than 4 years old, nothing toxic. Bottles can be full.  half full, or even almost empty.

85. Febreze Aerosol, and Non Aerosol Containers.

86. Swiffer Wet Pads, Dusters, Plastic Containers, and Packaging.

87. Tide Detergent Containers and Packaging. We also accept Gain, Downy, Bounce, and Dreft Containers and Packaging.

Metal Materials Accepted for Recycling


88. Any and all Metal (If it’s mostly metal we will accept it)

89.  Batteries( AA, AAA, C, D, etc.)

91. Car Batteries

92. Cords(USB cords, Headphones, Extension Cords, Phone Chargers)

93. Electronics(DVD Players, Radios, Computer Towers, Game Systems, VCR’s, Stereos, Cell Phones, Laptops, Etc.) These do not have to work, can be broken or missing pieces. We do not accept TVS. No Television’s or Computer Monitors.

94. Instrument String/Wire

95. Large Appliances( We accept large appliances to be dropped off for free, please call or text us prior to drop off to give us a heads up). We can remove Large Appliances as well but will charge to do so.

96. Small Appliances(Blenders, Hand Vacuums, Toasters, Microwaves, Etc.)

97. Wire

98. X-Mas Lights(Can be broken, do not have to work, can be missing bulbs)


Paper Products Accepted for Recycling


99. Any Paper Product

100. Books (Hard and Soft Cover)

101. Greeting Cards

102. Folders

103. Junk Mail/Old Mail/Newspaper

104. Phone Books

105. Playing Cards

106. Postcards

106. Posters

107. Scrapbook Paper (Can be cut up)

108. Shredded Paper (Must be bagged)

109. Wrapping Paper(Just can’t accept Foil, Wax, or Plastic)


Miscellaneous Materials Accepted


110. Cigarette Waste

111. Ink and Toner Cartridges

112. Newell Brand Home Fragrances Products(Yankee Candles and Packaging)

113. Packaging Peanuts

114. Pens, and all writing utensils(Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Etc)

115. Phone Cases (Any brand, can be broken

116. Plastic Bags

117. Popsockets

118. Rubbermaid & Any Brand Food Storage Containers.

119. Sandpaper

120. Solo Cups

121. Used Painting Canvas

122. Ziplock Endurables(not baggies)


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